Jun's Light

Jun’s Light | the beauty of transience

ワックスウォールアート Wax Wall Arts

Jun’s Lightのワックスアートとは、時と場所を超えた、普遍的なテーマ「人間の心の情景」を、油彩とワックスで捉え、キャンヴァスに立体的に表現したものです。

In 2016, Jun began creating wax wall art in combination with oil paintings. The nature of wax presents softness and fragility, while oil painting conveys colors and textures in time.
The making of a candle with a living flame can be seen as a ‘still life’… that captures the landscape of the human soul.

Unground(Φ300mm, by Jun Yonezawa ©Copyright 2019 Jun’s Light)


A portrait of the human mind, and the deeper world of the unconcious.

No Moon(Φ200mm, by Jun Yonezawa ©Copyright 2020 Jun’s Light)


Realization and recognition:
living in an unrealistic world.