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Jun’s Lightは、灯し残りのワックスをお預かりして、また灯りに蘇らせる取り組みをしています。大切な資源を、時間をかけて大事にしていくことを目指して、以下のような流れでしています。


Jun’s Light 米澤純 宛


Recycling Residual Candle Wax

Jun’s Light recycles your residual candle wax and creates a new flame of light for you. The purpose of this is to take environmental initiatives as an artist, by being conscious of natural resources in use of precious raw materials as a part of the process of creative works, and to encourage reducing waste as much as possible in our daily lives.

Please follow the flow of arrangement (domestic only):

1. Please collect residual candle wax originally created by Jun’s Light until the whole portion weighs at least 500g.

2. How to reach Jun:
【A】You can bring your wax upon annual Jun’s Light solo exhibitions
(Sapporo or Tokyo) and Jun will guide you in person with approximate lead time and type of candles with price quotes.
【B】Please email to Jun junslightcanldes@gmail.com with a request and information (your shipping address and phone number). Jun will reply to you with approximate lead time and type of candles with price & shipping quotes. Then please send your wax to Jun’s Light at the address below:

Jun Yonezawa, Jun’s Light
2-23-6, Mogami, Otaru, Hokkaido, 047-0023, Japan

3. Payment
Please let Jun know how you would like to make your payment upon your order.
【A】Credit Card (you will receive an invoice by email to direct you online transaction for credit card payment from Jun’s Light)
【B】Bank Remittance (you will receive an invoice by email from Jun’s Light)

Any questions?
Please email Jun’s Light for inquiries: