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2022.11.23共感覚プロジェクト Synesthesia Project

共感覚プロジェクト Synesthesia Project 

2019年春の個展を封切りに、NY在住のミュージシャン、フランク・ウェバー氏の音楽とのコラボレーションを開始しました。「Arts Meet Music〜アートが音楽と出会うとき〜」を基盤に、お互いの作品から得るインスピレーションだけではなく、「Synesthesia 共感覚」による作品の創作に取り組んでいます。



この壁に並んだ作品「ONE ひとつ」は、ウェバー氏が私の創作した3作品から、ランダムに私には内緒でその作品を選び、音楽を創作(個展BGMでひとつだけ短いピアノソロの曲)、そして、その曲を、私は聴きながら作品を創っていったものです。唯一お互いに知り得る情報は、絵と音楽。二つの作品からなるワックスアートを見てその作品のタイトルもコンセプトも知らないウェバー氏は、二つの世界を行ったり来たりする感覚を持ち、音で表現〜その音色を聞いた私は、「ONE」という選ばれた作品のことは何も知らずに、創作を始めました。興味深いことに、私が描いた作品は、二つの楕円の世界を描く「無限」のシンボルのようなものでした。その楕円は、それぞれ、細かい粒子のような淡いピンクと紫の花びらが舞い、世界を形成しているようなイメージとなりました。お互いの共感覚を用いた作品を、これからも様々なアプローチを模索しながら創作していきたいと思います。

Synesthesia Project

– A new artistic project in collaboration with composer Frank Weber –

Since 2019, Jun and Frank have been cultivating their inspirationally collaborative partnership in “Arts Meet Music”, eventually leading them to the current creative experimentations called “Synesthesia Project”.

Synesthesia by definition is :“the fact of experiencing some things in a different way from most other people, for example experiencing colors as sounds, experiencing shapes as tastes, or feeling something in one part of the body when a different part is stimulated.”(Oxford Learner’s Dictionaries)

“As we create our works in collaborative manner, specifically, Frank creates music by looking at my art pieces, and then I create my art pieces by listening to his music. We could only approach that process remotely due to the pandemic situation. When we were able to locate ourselves in person, we challenge ourselves to be as purely creative as possible, meaning, we try not to get biased by any sorts of information such as by providing titles of art pieces or songs, themes of works, and so on.

When I listen to Frank’s music, I notice music as color, texture and some forms of movement among them, as an image. It is comparable to anthropomorphic traits relating to colors and sounds. For example, once a collection of sound to me was as if it was forming small particles of flower petals in pale pinks and purples and greens moving and shaping two ovals connecting one to another, and eventually forming a symbol of infinity.

We started to be more interested in our creative nature…how we process our sensory perceptions to create art or music in a form of synesthetic collaboration.
Hearing colors, seeing sounds…seeing music as color and image, and vice vasa as
music.“ (Jun)

The pieces titled “One” displayed on the wall at this exhibition are one of the works from their synesthetic experiments in 2022. Frank originally picked one of three pieces of Jun’s art works and created a piece of improvisational music as he visually captures Jun’s art piece, without knowing the title or concept of the piece. Jun, then created a piece of art by listening to the music which Frank had just created, again, not knowing which piece Frank had chosen nor the title …simply by listening to the music.
The consequence was very interesting. Frank expressed in his music, two different worlds intertwining each other, while Jun created two different worlds in form of 2 ovals connecting one to another…becoming the figure of “Infinity”. To Jun, each note of sound seemed to have its own color, and the flow of notes gave her strong image of movement, while for Frank, colors and dynamics of art piece gave him a flow of sound. Based on the way colors and sounds are experienced by artists with synesthetic nature, their physical sense adds to another to create something new… unconsciously expressed and retrieved from nowhere…It is a mysterious part of our human nature.