棟方志功展 「姫の柵」


棟方志功展 「姫の柵」


(参考文献: 棟方板画館・棟方志功記念館合併記念 収蔵作品図録 2015年)

(画像奥弁財天姫の柵〈部分〉板画1965 )

“The Lady”.

As Munakata invented his woodblock printing process in a form of “Urasaishoku (Back Coloring)”, I wanted to apply that technique to my candle creation process. The technique has given me such an aesthetic sense of expressing beauty of passion, softness and transparency of his female figure. Lights to celebrate a great art exhibition, Shiko Munakata, at Hokkaido Museum of Modern Art

(all the images are owned by Munakata Shiko Memorial Museum of Art in Aomori)

Place: Hokkaido Museum of Modern Art, 2018

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