棟方志功展 「板木」


(参考文献: 棟方板画館・棟方志功記念館合併記念 収蔵作品図録 2015年)

Wood Block .

Lights to celebrate Shiko Munakata exhibition inspired from one of his woodblock printing Buddhist art works... of 10 disciples wearing gowns. The pattern of their sleeves caught my eyes...including a principle of carving.

Place: Hokkaido Museum of Modern Art

(画像奥: 弁財天姫の柵〈部分〉板画1965 )

(画像手前:二菩薩釈迦十大弟子 文殊菩薩の柵〈改刻〉板画 1948年)すべて棟方志功記念館所蔵 (all the images are owned by Munakata Shiko Memorial Museum of Art in Aomori)

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