棟方志功展 「太陽花」

棟方志功展 「太陽花」

ゴッホが見たであろう風景や静物に、想いを馳せながら、制作に没頭する棟方志功をイメージ。彼のゴッホへの尊敬の念と、その感動から生まれた無限の想像力と表現力を讃え、灯りを創りました。(画像手前:二菩薩釈迦十大弟子 文殊菩薩の柵〈改刻〉板画 1948年)すべて棟方志功記念館所蔵 (all the images are owned by Munakata Shiko Memorial Museum of Art in Aomori).

His Sunflowers.

Imagination was the key. 

I wanted to capture Munakata s unlimited passion on his creation and to praise the lifetime impact Shiko Munakata got from the works by Van Gogh . Munakata would had been expanding his imaginations how Gogh perceived still life figures and scenery into his art Gogh himself had great imaginary fantasies to Japan and its artistry even though hed never visited the country.

Place: Hokkaido Museum of Modern Art

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