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2001~ 国内における灯りの文化発信に携わり、2006年に工房を立ち上げる。

2003〜 大丸札幌店にてキャンドルの展示会開催(近年はクリスマス展)

2008   北海道洞爺湖サミット記念 Memories of Toya


2009   ウィーン世紀末 クリムト・ シーレ展 札幌芸術の森美術館

2009  さっぽろキャンドルナイト 「プラザナイト」京王プラザホテル札幌 

2011  「地上の天宮」北京故宮博物院展 北海道立近代美術館

2013   ロベール・ドアノー 生誕100 ~パリに恋して~ 写真展 札幌芸術の森美術館

           佐藤 忠良展 札幌芸術の森美術館

2013〜  札幌・大通りBISSE Gallery 個展開催

2014   ミュシャ展 ~パリの夢 モラビアの祈り~ 北海道立近代美術館

2015   日韓国交正常化50周年記念 ~日韓近代美術家のまなざし~ 北海道立近代美術館

2016   平山郁夫展 ~遥かなるシルクロードと北海道~ 北海道立近代美術館

2016〜  京王プラザホテル東京 各年個展開催 

2018   棟方志功展 「わだば、ゴッホになる。」北海道立近代美術館

2018   ブリューゲル展 ~画家一族150年の系譜~ 札幌芸術の森美術館

2018   京都国立近代美術館 名品展 「極と巧 京のかがやき」北海道立近代美術館

2019   Frank Weber リリース「True Love 」アルバムカバーのアートワーク

2019   Frank Weber リリース「Unspoken 」アルバムカバーのアートワーク

2019   奇跡の芸術都市 バルセロナ展 札幌芸術の森美術館

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"I first met Ms. Yonezawa in 2001 when she contacted me to order candles. As our business relationship grew, so did our friendship. We made plans for her to visit my studio and it was during this time she expressed an interest in the candle making process. So, I begin teaching her how to make candles.

It was obvious to me from the beginning that she instinctively knew what it took to make a beautifully crafted and well burning candle. But that was not enough for her...she needed more.

Throughout the years we have kept in touch and I have watched her grow as not only an extraordinary candle maker but a gifted wax artist. I am continually amazed at how she has used wax to capture her environment and inspirations and reflect them in her creations. 

Ms. Yonezawa needed more and she never disappoints. It is my privilege to be a part of this journey…"

Claudia A. Simes

Candle/Wax Artist

West Virginia, U.S.A. 2019

About Claudia Simes

"When creating a work of art, I think the most important thing is the creative process. It is a time when I get to step outside of my own thoughts; express my capabilities and discover my limitations. When  I find myself challenged while creating something, I try a number of different ideas and during this time I find that another door opens. Typically, this leads to another project.

Most of my inspiration come from nature. I embrace different textures as well as colors. It is this environment that fuels my imagination.

Just like my art, I consider myself a work in progress."

Claudia Simes 

My lifetime candle making teacher

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